Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Google's Android - The New 'Simple'

Simplicity is the key to adoption. Apple has more than proved this through its iPod and iPhone. But it looks like Google is poised to become the new 'King of Simple' with its new mobile operating system--Android. Personified in the T-Mobile G1, this phone is a must-have for any Google addict. But with its 'always-connected-to-your-information' approach, and by dissociating your data from the actual device, this looks like the first true Web-centric device for pretty much anyone who needs access to their data at all times--even if the phone itself is busted! Check out the video of this phone's cool capabilities here:

However, there does appear to be a few drawbacks in its current v1 avatar--there's apparently no straightforward support for Outlook mail, and it appears that none of your data is stored locally on the phone. I'm thinking the latter could prove to be quite a drawback in situations where you don't have network coverage. But I'm betting Google's already pondering these issues.


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